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April 8, 2015

Demystifying iOS 8 Storage Providers

With iOS 8, Apple introduced App Extensions as a core feature of the new software. Along with custom keyboards, photo filters and a few other extensions, Document Provider and File Provider extensions together allow file storage access while keeping iOS and the iOS filesystem as tightly locked as possible. Before we can build a Storage Provider, […]

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I’m Hank Brekke, and I help others change the world through web, mobile and desktop apps. I work with technologies like Node.js, Objective-C, Xamarin, Angular.js, SQL & NoSQL, PHP to help other people become extraordinary through innovative technology and software. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and some of my work is available for developers on GitHub.

If you think we’d make a great team on your next project, you have a great app idea you’re looking into, or you found an issue with a project I’ve built, let me know below.